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‘Solidarity between 20 somethings’

L-R: Chaz, Romin, Seneca, Shawnice, Torchia, Justavian, Darrian, Bri, and Lamario

In an effort to start my photography hussle. I wanted to take pictures of my friends to express myself through photos. I’ve always been interested in film/photos starting at a young age. I don’t recall the first type of camera that I had but it was always on my Birthday and Christmas list, for as long as I remember. My mom finally got a camera one year, chile I was so confused.  Needless to say now, I might have it. 

The pictures, in my opinion, show nine black graduate students who are on their way to success in all walks of life. In the time and space, the stories that bought them together aren’t the stories that we are focused on today.  The stress of work, classes, and personal life aren’t important either at the moment. What’s important is the laughs, jokes, and camaraderie built within these nine women and men that promote images that we don’t see enough. 

I present to you: ‘Solidarity between 20 somethings”

Photos taken and edited by: TheFluffySoprano

TheFluffySoprano View All

Body Positive|Photog 📸|Educator📚|Foodie🥟|Blogger👩🏽‍💻|Avid Reader 📖

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