Over the past several months, Clubhouse has been catching the Social Media world by storm. Within the last few weeks though, Twitter has been asked the famous questions, “What is Clubhouse?”.

Well, let me tell you experience as a new Clubhouse users. I’ve been on Clubhouse for approximately 7 days, I’ve learned so much. From better networking skills to learning how to successfully trademark my business, learning has been limitless during my free time. Now of course with any social media, it will take you some time to understand the mechanics and how to navigate the app. Once, you get the basics – you are good. Clubhouse essentially is an app designed with different “Clubs” with a variety of topics that are being discussed. Yes, when I say a variety. I mean a variety, whether you are looking for to learn more about how to make 6 figures in a year or hoping to share your own personal story. You can do it all with Clubhouse. Now I know you are thinking, “Well, what’s the difference between what people are already doing on Twitter and Facebook?” Well, the various ways of engagement, the stage which has moderator(s) and participants that are brought up on stage. Then, you have two other ways to be an observer. Either in the area where you are “followed by the speakers” or “others in the room”.

Lessons Learned..

The most important thing that I have learned is that you need to add value to any of the stages that you are on. When you open your mouth, you not only represent yourself, but also your brand and any other information that is listed on your profile. So, it’s good to be mindful of that. Just like it is good to be aware of the rooms that you are in as they aren’t private unless, the moderator have crafted it to be that way. Now, I ain’t gone lie to you. I was in some rooms in the beginning of my seven days that I definitely wouldn’t want to be in now. But you live and you learn as you navigate who you are following and who follows you. If those spaces aren’t what you want to see then you know what you need to do in order to curator the rooms you want to see. A big help in looking for spaces to be in is utilizing your hallway, all your followers will be in this area. You see all the groups you are in at the top and at the bottom, you’ll see every follower that you have along with when the last time they were active and what rooms they are currently in.

That’s what I like or whatever Bruno said..

The thing that I like about Clubhouse is the fact that it is voice interaction rather than typical text. The reason being is because I feel that we have lost the art of authentic conversations. Mixed messages can be present through text communication not that that can’t happen through voice but the natural dance of having to fully explain your thoughts and opinions and getting true challenges and sometimes even guttural reactions is needed.

– Twitter @jayacancook

Two nights ago, I saw a post on Twitter, that said, “Clubhouse is for people who like talking on the phone. That ain’t me. lol” – Twitter @jayacancook. I think I would have agreed with this, if it had came out when I was in middle or high school. You only had a couple forms of communication passing notes in class or between classes, Myspace/Facebook, if y’all meet up somewhere, or talking on the phone. This would have been really useful but to say that now at a time when half or most of the communication we use is via text message (SMS), a DM of some sort, tweet, or post on a social network. In my opinion, just shows that we need to get back to the roots of conversation. Not that I think Clubhouse will save us by any means but personal connections are need for humans and I think that Clubhouse is providing a means for people to socialize authentically.

I also appreciate all the town hall or rooms created to help new people (🎉) to learn about the app or ask questions with no-judgement. I think this just allows people to be more open to using the app too.

If you are on Clubhouse and are looking to connect. Feel free to connect with me. ☺️

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